Pack Line, Inline Fully Automatic Filling & Sealing Machine model PXM-6

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82676p-Pack Line, Inline Full Automatic Filling & Sealing Machine model PXM-6, based on Servo driven mechanism, will fill & seal products into a pre-formed cup, will work in a clean environment at a rate of 210-270 cups per minute with Servo lifts, will de-nest containers (6 at a time), fill & seal with pre-cut foil, once containers are filled & sealed, machine will discharge the containers onto the discharge conveyor, stack of nested empty cups will be manually inserted into cup loading magazine by machine operator, 3.1? (80mm) diameter, 4? 102mm) height, fill volume 6 ounce (170 gram), vertical magazine for pre-formed separable cups has a pick & place mechanical de-nesting system that uses separation mechanism with vacuum suction cups from the bottom of the cup magazine and provides constant control of cups from de-nesting through complete insertion of cup into carrier plate pocket, cup detection by photo electric eye guarantees that each cup was placed into each carrier plate pocket, no cup/no fill/no seal, block of Servo driven fillers for product on trolley with Servo motor, adapted for CIP (clean-in-place). Dosing of the product, as well as the entire working process, is operated by PLC. The filler provides an even product spread and each filler is equipped with a non-drip nozzle. Automatic filler washings are performed outside the working area of the machine. Hoppers; Stores 15 gallons of product. Sealing System; Vertical magazine for pre-cut lids. Lids will be manually inserted into loading magazine by machine operator. System provides vacuum suction cups and mechanical means to denest each membrane lid from the bottom of the lid fill magazine and provide position control of each piece from denesting through placement onto the top of the cup lip. Once lid is in position heat seal head will seal the precut lid onto the container by providing independent controls for sealing dwell time and seal head temperature from the PLC control. Product Discharge; Conveyor to move filled containers from the packaging equipment area to another location via the right side of the machine. Machine Outputs; 210-240 cups per minute. Machine output will depend on viscosity and temperature of product, Oxygen level and packaging materials. Technical Data; Power Supply; 208 volt 3 phase electrical Control Voltage; 24 volt Pneumatic Feeding; 90-120 PSI Air Consumption; 23 CFM *All utility connections, such as electricity, air, water, etc. are to be supplied by the customer.