As we’re nearing summer, chances are you will find yourself enjoying soft-serve in the near future.  Americans have a long-standing fondness for this dessert.  These sweet treats have a unique texture and are a great, quick dessert that will cool you down in the process.  While most of us have enjoyed soft-serve, have you ever wondered how it is made? 

Everyone knows of soft-serve’s unique texture, but how does it get that texture?  It all starts with the way the machine is designed.  Most ice cream is hard frozen, but soft-serve is made by adding air to the ice cream mix.  In fact, the addition of the air increases the volume of the soft-serve by up to 45%!  For example, if 1 gallon of soft-serve mix is added to the machine, you could expect a yield of 1.45 gallons of soft-serve.

Soft-serve machines are specially made to handle soft-serve ice cream mix and to churn out soft-serve ice cream.  The temperature inside the machine is right about 18 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is a higher temperature than the normal 0 degrees Fahrenheit in your typical freezer.  The combination of the air pumped into the soft-serve and the higher temperature gives you that creamy, smooth texture that soft-serve is known for.

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