Schier Company sells a vast variety of new and used dairy-making equipment to support all of your needs. Our used butter-making machines can revolutionize the time and energy it takes you to make butter. One of our machines, the butter churn, can make quick work of transforming your extra cream into fresh, delicious butter.

The Evolution of the Butter Churn

It is widely believed that the very first butter churn was not a churn at all but in fact a pouch that held cream hanging from a traveler’s pack. After a long bumpy journey, the cream had turned solid and butter was made. Some cultures around the world still use this method of making butter, by putting cream in a pouch, hanging it from the ceiling, and pushing it around. Over time, simple churning devices were created that aided in the churning process, but they were still exclusively used for homesteads and small-batch butter making. During the industrial revolution, larger machines were made to aid the mass production of butter that could be sold in grocery stores.

Butter Churns Today

Industrial butter churns can hold anywhere from 30 gallons of cream to a whopping 1,000 gallons which would produce approximately 2,000 pounds of butter. These can help you turn your excess cream into a profitable byproduct. At Schier company, our butter churns range in size from 200-750 gallons.

New and Used Butter Churns

At Schier Company we provide an array of products to get you started or to upgrade your existing products. We inspect and certify all of our products so that you can be certain you are getting the perfect machine to suit your needs. For more information, contact us at 918-321-3151 and we would be happy to help get you started!