Milk homogenization is the process of breaking down fat molecules in milk so that the milk is less likely to separate. It helps to preserve the shelf life of milk and give it a consistent color and texture. Without homogenization, the cream would rise to the top of your glass of milk. However, milk homogenization is a process that has taken some heat in recent years from raw milk advocates.

The Process

In order to homogenize raw milk, it is pushed with great force through small openings which break down the fat molecules into tiny pieces. This allows them to stay mixed with the liquid and give that consistent color and texture we have come to expect in milk. Milk homogenization does not alter the taste of milk at all or use any chemicals in its process. It is simply a natural method to disperse milk fat throughout the milk and keep the cream from rising to the top.


Many people mistakenly believe that milk homogenization removes vital nutrients from the raw milk when in reality, all it is doing is mixing your milk so you do not have to. Milk homogenization does not use heat or chemicals that can destroy the nutrients in the milk. Others believe that homogenized milk can increase your risk for certain medical issues. There is no scientific evidence to support this theory. In fact, whether or not you prefer homogenized or non-homogenized milk is simply a matter of preference.

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