Inline Blending & Liquid Delivery Cart

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Inline Blending & Liquid Delivery Cart supported by progressive cavity pump & mass flow meter by Delta Group model JI-7 system, project #873, all stainless steel sanitary design, rated 0.094 to .04 GPM flow rate with water, progressive cavity pump by Seepex Inc. range MDC, size MDC, pressure stage 24, direct coupled to Reliance variable speed DC drive & 6.3 to 1 gear reducer, pump rated speed range of 25 to 246 RPM, 10 gallon stainless steel mix tank mounted thru cart as pump reservoir, 12.5” diameter x 16” straight side with 4” deep dish bottom & 1” center bottom outlet, manually operated diaphragm valve, single piece lid & mixer mount, portable stainless steel cart 24” wide x 56” long x 42” high, system features connections for cleaning, pumps feed micro motion flow meter model 3700AIAODUE, #2106279, all controls Nema 12, formerly used for ingredient feeding.