HTST Pasteurizer with Macropak Aseptic Filling System

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Rossi & Catelli HTST Pasteurizer with Macropak Aseptic Filling System for drums, totes and other containers. Product is set up to be fed from evaporator, the system sterilizes the product prior to feeding into aseptic filler. Previous application ran with (16) Holding tubes, (12) Cooling tubes and (12) Heating tubes. Sterilization process includes drainage of condensate with steam injection, sterilization, high pressure piston pump product transfer, end cooler, production, programmed recirculation, tank emptying, and end cycle. System is also set up for CIP with initial rinse, soda wash, soda rinse, acid wash, acid rinse and final drain, all with temperature control.

Capacity ratings: Single Strength Flow Rates:10 tubes =’s 29.5 GPM and 14 tubes =’s 45.9 GPM; 38 – 45 brix Flow Rates: Would be the same flow rate for any brix running, however the smaller tube configuration, relieves the product pressure seen by the thicker product. Previously run on concentrated apple juice at 101º C at max speed of 45 GPM, using 14 hold tubes. Flow rates can be increased by running hotter in the heater section.