APV, HTST Pasteurizer System model R51


APV Model R51 HTST System, Mfg. 1984, including 181 type 304 stainless steel heat exchange plates with Paracril gaskets, 2 connector terminals with 2-1/2″ clamp connections, Cherry Burrell Series 62 2-1/2″ CIP FDV, 3″ stainless steel holder tube mounted on stainless steel floor stand, 50 gallon rectangular stainless steel PMO legal balance tank, Cherry Burrell 4CHEB-F, 15 HP 3500 RPM Booster pump, Cherry Burrell 4BHEB-F 10/5 HP 3600/1800 RPM stuffer CIP pump, and interconnecting piping and fittings, Size 5 frame heat exchanger with Bell and Gossett model SU64-2 shell & tube heat exchanger, motive pump, steam valve and steam trap, unit was configured for 43,000 pounds per hour of fluid whole milk with a temperature progression of 40-161.5-175-53.5-38 Degree F. (90% Regeneration) using 270 GPM of 173 degree F. hot water and 350 GPM of 34 degree F. chilled water.
No instrumentation or controls except for a WCB FDV controller, WCB 60 valves, air operated back pressure valve (no controller) and tri clover vacuum breaker included
New Controls are an additional