GMC, Tu-Way Cheese Portioner

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New GMC, Tu-Way Long Cheese Portioner model 3010, pneumatic wire, designed to accommodate multiple blocks of cheese measuring up to 8” high x 14” wide x 23” long, with up to 18 wire stations, with cut-off blocks to match, all stainless steel or otherwise easily cleaned construction, cheese positioners, 5” diameter  vertical air cylinder, 4” horizontal air cylinder , with heavy rod,  infeed roller bed, equipped with pneumatic controls, angled or straight chute, casters, requires 80 PSI of air pressure, 5 cubic feet per minute air consumption, can cut (2) 40 pound cheese blocks or (2) 20 pound Mozzarella loaves (long type) at one time or (4) 20 pound Mozzarella loaves (long type with larger horizontal wire harp)


Optional Equipment

  1. Cheese hold down unit for: 20 pound (long type) Mozzarella loaves
  1. Horizontal platen stops for shorter Cheese blocks. Front stainless hood with rotary air valve