2,400 liter Fryma, Vacuum Mixer model VME2400

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2,400 liter Fryma, Vacuum Mixer model VME2400, Fabrication #M10510, overall height 101″ to top of lid including legs, 87″ to top with lid removed, overall diameter with jacket 63″, interior dimensions 61″ diameter with 54″ straight side height, 11″ dome top, 11″ dish bottom, working temperature 150 degree C interior & jacket, interior pressure rating -1/+1 bar, jacket 2.5 bar rating, 2 agitator drives, 7.5 HP motor drives center 3 prop agitator & scrape agitator thru chain drive, 50 HP motor drives disperser type agitator off the side of the center shaft, top has 8” flanged opening that is clamped shut, 6” glass inspection port with light, 2” sanitary, 1.5” sanitary & (2) 1” threaded top fittings, bottom has 6” sanitary discharge with pneumatically operated valve, requires 230/460 volt 3 phase electrical supply, previously used for toothpaste