American Snack Coating, Horizontal Continuous Twin Screw Mixer & Coater

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American Snack Coating, Continuous Twin Screw Mixer & Coater, horizontal, twin 8″ diameter x 8′ long mixing screws in side by side configuration, screw flighting made from UHMW bristles extending from shaft of same material, bristles agitated to keep material from clinging via adjustable rub bar near top of screw rotation, bulk material fed from single screw feeder (not included), mounting on frame over mixer & depositing material into Y pipe at start of mixing chamber, dual spray nozzles for liquid additives, external digital tachometer, variable speed drive by Eurodrive, all stainless steel sanitary design, 7” x 7” top infeed, removable top service ports running full length of mixer, overall dimensions 30” x 30” x 9’ 6” long, formerly used for granola type product