1,000 gallon APV Crepaco, Processor

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1,000 gallon APV Crepaco, Stainless Steel Jacketed and Agitated Processor Tank with scrape surface agitation. Jacket is rated for 150 PSI at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Minimum metal design temperature (MDMT) rated for -20 degrees Fahrenheit at 150 PSI. Dish top with cone bottom leading to 3″ diameter center bottom outlet. Vessel is offered with bridge mounted top entering agitation, including 7-1/2 HP right angle gearmotor, driving stainless steel shaft and side scraper agitator. Drive is rated for 230/460V, 3/60Hz, 1,730 RPM thru 96.80:1 gear ratio, resulting in 18 output RPM. APV serial number K-2108. ASME rated vessel. National Board number 9565.