50 gallon Pfaudler, Open Top Percolation Tank

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50 gallon Pfaudler, Percolation Tank, open top, jacketed, vertical, 316 stainless steel vessel with carbon steel jacket, National Board rated (#37879 V&W stamp 1977) for 90 PSI at 350 degree F, shell is rated for full vacuum at 60 PSI at 350 degree F (75 PSI without vacuum), 24″ diameter x 25″ straight side with 3″ dish bottom 2″ center bottom discharge with Pfaudler flush seating valve & 25″ floor clearance, mounted on 3 interconnected legs with casters, stainless screen is mounted 20″ from brim with ½” diameter holes & is welded to rolled angle iron support frame on wall, formerly used in food ingredients.