Stokes, Vacuum Shelf Dryer model 338-D8

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81112p- Stokes, Vacuum Shelf Dryer model 338-D8, lot #P-76688, mild steel construction, 4 heated shelves, 24” x 36” deep at 6 square foot each, dryer factory designed to accommodate up to 8 usable shelves for total drying area of 48 square foot with 2” clearance between shelves, chamber National Board rated (#1034) for full vacuum service at up to 650 degree F, shelves rated 50 PSIG while under vacuum, rear manifold feeds shelves, front hinged door with dual 6” viewing windows, chamber internal dimensions 29” high x 26” wide x 41” deep, multiple NPT chamber connections including bottom drains, 3 lifting lugs & mounted on 4 legs with drilled floor pads S/N P-7706