3″ Sine Pump Rectangular Infeed Outlet

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Sine, pump rectangular infeed, 3″ outlet. Watson Marlow Masosine Model MR-135-RF stainless steel positive displacement rectangular feed. Large rectangular inlet 2.5″w x 9.5″ long, 3″ diameter threaded bevel seat outlet. Rated for 2.3 lb. of displacement per revolution with a maximum capacity of 14,000 pounds (6,350 kg) per hour at 150 psi. Able to handle particulate size up 1.25″ (31 mm) with low shear for pumping delicate products, fragile & shear sensitive product handling.  3 HP drive coupled to a 27.24:1 gearbox for low pulsation & smooth consistent product flow. Strong suction minimizes the need for an auger feed. Manufacturer tagged as 3A certified for USDA sanitary food grade applications. Operating temperature range of -40 to 266 degrees F (-40 to 130C). 208/230/460 volt 3 phase electrical input. Single shaft for simple, economical maintenance. Replaceable wear parts available from the manufacturer for maintenance in the field. Food grade sanitary stainless steel pump on stainless steel base with casters for mobility.