Semi Automatic Net Weigher/Bulk & Dribble Filler model S4

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Semi Automatic Net Weigher/Bulk & Dribble Filler model S4, designed to fill dry free flowing particulate type product into a variety of containers, manufacturer rated for a weight range of .01 to 10 pounds per fill, has a programmable “Bulk & Dribble” control system integrated with weight cell/scale system, product is fed to the filler via 24″ square x 20″ deep hopper with 68″ infeed height & sliding gate discharge, hopper feeds vibrating even feed pan that discharges to the weigh cell, 8″ wide x 4” long x 8.5” deep weigh cell has pneumatic cylinder operated bottom trap door that drops the product when the pre-set weight is achieved, thru a discharge funnel, then closes so the next cycle can begin immediately, discharge funnel tapers to 2.25” diameter opening at 33” discharge height, all product contacts are food grade stainless steel, machine rests on tubular painted steel support stand/frame, electrical requirement is 110 volt single phase & 20 PSI compressed air, included 1 year manufacturer warranty