Millipore Pall Filtron Ultrafiltration Filter System

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Millipore Pall Filtron Ultrafiltration Filter System with Maxiset 50 Tangential Flow Filtration Membrane Cassette, 316 stainless steel construction. Complete with positive displacement pump, Model GHPD-822, serial number 99-10-86974, G&H rotary pump (Alfa Laval Flow Inc.) 15 HP, 230/460, 1760 RPM, 3/60 Hz. Offered with Allen Bradley Model 1336 Plus2 Sensorless Vector controls. Unitized on stainless steel frame with casters. Also includes Pulsafeeder Series 680 CIP diaphragm metering pump, Model 680CIP- S-E, serial number G4 80191-1, rated for 32.6 6 GPH, 100 PSI maximum pressure, and 1-1/2″¯ piston diameter. Includes Mettler Toledo caustic delivery panel with controls for caustic pump, process isolation valve and caustic isolation valve. Plates are closed by Pall Filtron stainless steel hydraulic pump, serial number SSHP-126. Previously use in biotech/pharma operation.