Krauss Maffei, Mixer Vacuum Dryer model MT 1/200

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Krauss Maffei, Mixer Vacuum Dryer model MT 1/200, National Board #21424, constructed of 316L stainless steel, interior polished surface, conical vessel capacity 49.43 cubic foot with working volume 35.3 cubic foot, uses 8″ diameter inclined orbiting screw, driven by 10 HP drive to gently agitate product while drying, can dry particles up to 5mm in size, vessel rated full vacuum/150 PSI at 450 degree F on jacket & internal, actual drying temperature maximum 302 degree F, top has 18″ manway with 6″ sight glass, 18” flanged fitting, 4” sight glass, (2) 3” flanged fittings, (2) 2” flanged fittings, 6” flanged fitting, (2) 1” threaded fitting for top jacket, side has (2) 2” flanged fittings for body jacket, bottom has 10” flanged discharge fitting with pneumatically operated flush mount valve & (2) 1” threaded fittings for bottom jacket