Flume Water Cooling Tank

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Flume Water Cooling Tank, 10′ long x 40″ wide x 46″ deep, with 3 separate 1″ diameter x approximate 90′ long steel chiller coils (about 270′), tank has 6″ flanged outlet for gravity flow return to pump & 2″ cleaning drains, over the tank is 46″ long x 16″ diameter Scavenger Reel for separating solids from flume water being returned to the tank to be re-chilled, reel has 1/8″ perforated screen & internal spiral, powered by fractional horse power drive so as to auger captured solids away, all stainless steel including chiller coils for food grade sanitary water chilling, ideal for/previously used for chilling flume water for chilling fresh cut pre-cut produce, not tagged but looks identical to, and the dimensions match the design of a CMI Cooling Tank for chilling water to wash, disinfect & cool diced, sliced, chopped & shredded product in cold water by pumping it thru & open or closed flume