Filling Line for 50 pound cube boxes, stainless steel filler last used for margarine filling

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Filling line for 50 pound cube boxes, stainless steel filler last used for margarine filling. Can be adjusted or other size boxes down to 25 pounds. This is an automatic line. Control by Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC. Can also be used for shortening filling. Rate was between 5-8 cases per minute depending on viscosity. Includes Pearson case erector for KD cases, Pearson bag inserter using roll bags, stainless 2 spout filler on Mettler Toledo load cells and SV Dice uncuffer case sealer (missing PLC and hot melt unit.) Probilt hot melt glue. Includes interconnecting conveyors. Line built in 2001, Ran until early 2017. Stored in warehouse. We have a dimension drawing for all major pieces,

Pearson model CE235 Case Erector, automatic built in 2001. Was erecting KD cases for 50 # cubes 12” x 12” x 12” but can be adjusted. Hot melt bottom gluer by Probilt, KD case magazine. S/N 20010235972 driven by 1.5 HP 460/3/60. Machine number 9572. Rated at up to 35 cases per minute. Case size range L5-30”, W 5.5-16”, H 3.5 to 26”.

Pearson Bag Inserter model BI18, uses poly roll bags. Built 2001. Set up for 50 pound cube 12” x 12” x 12” box but can be adjusted. Size range L 9.5-24”, W 9.5-17”, H 10-24”. S/N 200119289647, 3 HP 460/3/60. Pearson bag inserters open, insert, and cuff plastic bags from roll stock into a wide variety of corrugated cases at speeds up to 18 cases per minute. Equipped with bag opening carriage with vacuum cup assist, four corner cuffing rods and single head bag inserting head, PLC controller, vacuum pump, safety guarding and e-stop. Inserts pre-performed roll stock or gusseted bag stock into cases, filling all corners and cuffing the bag around the outer perimeter. Has a 36” web width with a 1.5” diameter spool. Has an Allen Bradley SLC 5/01 PLC. Advanced design features guarantee smooth and precise bag placement and handling.

Filler for 50 pound cubes, 2 heads, stainless steel, automatic valves, extrusion valve for shortening. Two load cells Mettler Toledo, model IND131, Max load 50kg. Controlled by Allen Bradley touch screen Panel View 1500. Has Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC. Includes Little David Microjet coder and Diagraph IV700 case coder. Capacity 5 to 8 cases per minute depending on viscosity.

SV Dice, Model PDUC-UFC case bag Uncuffer and sealer. S/N 4374. Uncuffs poly bag from 50 pound cube box, folds bag in, tamps it down, and seals top with hot melt glue. Includes Probilt hot melt glue unit. Missing hoy melt unit and PLC from control panel, manufacturer still supports this machine.