Double Effect Evaporator

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Double Effect Evaporator, forced circulation evaporator system, designed for 35 GPM feed, concentrate from 28% solids to 50% solids, first effect includes vessel 8′ 8″ diameter x 25′ straight side, constructed of titanium, 5/16″ thick, rated for FV/15 PSI, first effect heat exchanger, rated for 845 square foot, 316 stainless steel tubes, single pass, (293) 1″ diameter x 10′ long tubes, 28″ diameter x 132″ long carbon steel shell, first effect circulation pump, Lawrence elbow pump, 12″, 316 stainless steel contacts, second effect includes vessel 13’ diameter x 25’ straight side, carbon steel, rubber lined, rated  85 PSI at 650 degree F, second effect heat exchanger, rated 1140 square foot, single pass, (414) ¾” diameter x 12’ long stainless steel tubes, stainless steel shell, 22” diameter x 168” long, second effect condenser, 850 square foot, (310) 1” diameter x 16’ long titanium tubes, carbon steel shell, second effect circulation pump, 50 HP, Bingham elbow pump, 14”, titanium contacts, system includes 5’ x 5-1/2’ stainless steel condensate tank, Marley cooling tower