Contherm Size 6X3 Triple Barrel Votator

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Alfa Laval, Contherm Size 6X3, Triple Barrel Votator with 6″ x 24″ barrels, 316 stainless steel barrels. Product chamber rated for 300 PSI at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, Media chamber rated for 250 PSI at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, MDMT rated for 100 PSI at minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Includes 2″ diameter product inlet and outlet. Stainless steel barrels with scrape surface agitation. Includes (1) heating section, (1) precool section and (1) cooling section. Heated section rated for 865 pounds per hour. Agitators driven by 5 HP, 230/460 Volts, 3/60 Hz motor thru gear reducers. Designed to process yogurt. Agitators are hydraulically controlled to be removed from barrels. Barrels are 24 inches long.