Arde Barinco, Dicon Mill model 3M7-502D

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Arde Barinco, Dicon Mill model 3M7-502D, 7.5 HP direct coupled drive, 230/460/3 phase voltage, 3475 RPM, explosion proof, mounted on portable stand with handle, 29″ x 17″ wide x 9″ high, mounted on aluminum plate & stainless steel frame, (4) 8″ casters 36″ handle, patented impeller with 3 helical blades rotates at high speed inside a matching tubular housing, rotating impeller creates negative pressure differential, centrifugal shoveling & positive axial thrust, drawing materials into an intensive shear zone, centrifugal force abruptly changes the direction of the materials & drives them against the inner surface of the toothed cylindrical liner, sharply angled teeth on the edges of the impeller blades shear the materials & force them thru a tortuous path, the grinding action repeatedly accelerates & decelerates the materials, forcing them to under go numerous changes in direction, materials are crushed & subjected to eddy currents in a very high turbulence zone between the 2 sets of intermeshing teeth, grinding action is continuously repeated as the materials move toward the discharge port, an optional discharge grid plate with precisely positioned series of venture type orifices from 1/32” to ¾” ID, provides positive particle size control, materials must exit thru 1 of the small precision ports, partially restricted discharge area provides easy to reproduce control of both dispersion & retention time