APV skid mounted HTST system

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APV skid mounted HTST system including APV model SR20 tie bar take up plate heat exchanger with 2 connectors, PMO legal balance tank, welded holding tube, APV 1.5″ FDV, APV P series air operated valves. Cleanliner thermometer, APV 6V2 booster pump, APV 6V2 stuffer pump and stainless steel free standing control panel with Anderson ED190 stlr, Anderson JD pressure differential switch, Allen Bradley SLC-500 PLC and various switches. Duty to pasteurize 2,500 liters per hour of fluid milk 38  degrees – 162 degrees – 38 degrees F utilizing 90% regeneration and 1,250 liters per hour of ice cream mix 50 degrees – 185 degrees -40 degrees utilizing 87.5% regeneration.

Various homogenizer options available. 575/3/60 electrics, other electrics available at an additional charge.