APV Crepaco, UHT Processing System model 1000

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APV Crepaco, UHT Processing System model 1000, flash chamber processing system, (FC) order #28-41449, capacity 600 gallons per hour, includes stainless steel flash chamber, National Board #5482, internal pressure 60 PSI at 325 degree F, chamber 9′ 6″ high, vessel 32″ diameter x 32″ straight side, 6″ diameter discharge leg to 3″ centrifugal pump inlet, 20″ diameter 6 bolt manhole door on front, 8″ diameter vapor condensing leg, vapor discharges flash chamber to “Top Line” vertical stainless steel water condenser model 262-4 (S/N 6294), 20” diameter x 70” high, on legs, connected to Nash vacuum pump, center of system includes stainless steel steam infusion vessel, internal 75 PSI at 325 degree F, jacket 10 PSI at 60 degree F (S/N C9765), conical vessel 22” diameter x 6’ long x 8’ overall height, product centrifugal discharge pump from flash chamber is Crepaco size 6, 1 HP 1750 RPM, centrifugal product pump is Crepaco model 3R positive pump, speed drive, additional 2 centrifugal pumps include 3 & 5 HP 3500 RPM Crepaco size 6, controls are custom designed by IME, with new instruments housed in stainless steel enclosure, steam valves & culinary steam components included, package includes HTST, plate pre-heat system & homogenizer, unit offered skid mounted & pre-piped, local electrical & plumbing will be necessary.