Aeroflide, Rotary Dryer model RI3612NSX

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Aeroglide, Rotary Dryer model RI3612NSX, steam heated, 650,000 BTU per hour, 115 PSI saturated steam required, single pass & non-circulated air from heating chamber thru drying drum, 36″ diameter flighted stainless steel drum, fed thru rotary feeder with 10″ square flange, dried product pneumatically conveyed from 8″ diameter flanged discharge, drum driven by 1 HP variable speed drive, overall dimensions 278″ long x 70″ wide x 84″ tall, free standing control panel with temperature controllers &   Torit reverse pulse jet dust collector model 2DF8, Aerofin type “B” radiator style steam coils need to be replaced due to freeze damage.