400 gallon Lee, Jacketed Cooking Tank model 600

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400 gallon Lee, Fully Jacketed Cooking Tank model 600 pound FBT, fully jacketed body with Lee unicoil jacket, 52″ diameter x 48″ straight side, National Board rated (#1804) 100 PSI at 338 degree F (hydro tested to 155 PSI), slight dish bottom with 1″ center bottom discharge, 2″ bottom discharge near sidewall, 3″ bottom side discharge directly connected to outside stand pipe running up outside wall with level control, accepts product baskets mounted in lifting rack with 4 individual trays, 50″ diameter x 6” deep with continuous 1” holes & 4 reinforcing petitions, trays slide down central column of rack with base ring designed to rest on internal tank fixtures & includes central lifting lug with removable hook, 1 piece cover designed to be hinged mounted, centrifugal recirculating pump mounted under the tank.