300 gallon Groen, Jacketed Kettle model RA300SP

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300 gallon Groen, Scrape Agitated Fully Jacketed Open Top Kettle model RA300SP, all stainless steel construction with fully jacketed, insulated & stainless steel shrouded body, jacket rated 90 PSI at 338 degree F, single motion full scraping agitator with nylon finger scrapers driven by 3 HP bridge mounted gear motor, UL rated for hazardous duty Class I, Group D, Class II, Group F, 230/460/3 phase voltage, rotates agitator at approximate 30 RPM, agitator captured in bottom center receiver to prevent deflection, bridge mounted large spade shaped baffle hangs from bridge, 2 loose fitting covers & removable dump grate, port for flush seating temperature sensor, 3” off center bottom discharge with 18” floor clearance & Acme threaded bevel seat connection, mounted on (4) 3” mild steel pipe legs from hip sockets, formerly used in prepared food industry.