1,500 liter Buhler, Vacuum Mixer

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1,500 liter Buhler, Vacuum Mixer, 400 gallon, stainless steel, National Board #23519, rated for full vacuum, 3 PSI at 250 degree F, jacket rated 50 PSI at 250 degree F, interior 51″ diameter x 66″ straight side, 12″ cone bottom, 10″ dish top, top has (3) 2″ flanged fittings, (1) 1″ flanged fitting, (1) 4″ flanged fitting, (1) 8″ flanged fitting, 3″ sight glass, bottom has 3″ flanged center discharge connected to ball valve, jacket is fed by 2″ flanged fittings, scrape agitation power by hydraulic motor, high speed disperser blade driven by electric motor that is missing, 12” disperser blade has 19” adjustment in depth using hydraulic lift system vacuum processing kettle comes with control panel & Reliance electric GP200 VS drive model 2GU41100, variable speed, constant torque, AC controller for 100 HP motor, unit was mounted on mezzanine with 3 stainless steel mounting lugs, overall dimensions 160” tall x 54”