1,400 gallon Vendome processor

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1,400 gallon Vendome stainless steel processor with dual agitation. The bottom and the sides are jacketed. The dimple jackets are rated at 100 psi @ 338F. This unit is equipped with side scrape agitation (5 hp) and a 50 hp top entering homogenizing mixer. 230/460 vac 3 phase electric power required. There is one adjustable baffle inside. The vessel is 84″ diameter x 60″ straight side with a dished top and bottom. Bottom jacket nozzles are two- 2″ RFSO flanges. The side jacket has four-2″ RFSO flanges as in/out flanges. Bottom has one 3″ tri-clamp nozzle. Top has one- 18″ hinged lid manway, one 6″ x 18″ rectangular inlet, one 6″ tri-clamp nozzle, one- 4″ sight glass, three-3″ nozzles, five- 2″ nozzles, and one 1″ nozzle. This unit stands on 4 stainless steel pipe legs. National board #299. The skin over the jacket has some dents and repairs. The jackets passed our hydro tests. Built in March 2004.