125 gallon Closed-Top Sanitary Tank

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125 gallon closed top insulated stainless steel sanitary tank by Sani-Matic, 30″ diameter x 40″ straight side, dish top and bottom, 18″ top manway with domed, gasketed, hinged cover and 4 hinged mounted screw down closures, 8 top ports with tri clamp connections 3 – 1.5″, 3 – 2″ and 2- 3″, dish bottom with center bottom 2″ outlet with tri clamp connection, fixed internal discharge shield 16″ clearance to frame, 28″ to floor, flush seating temperature sensor mounted through bottom dish, tank is mounted on stainless steel frame with 8″ casters and push handle, 48″ x 11″ x 8″ petitioned box/tray formerly for cleaning ingredient bottles as vessel was part on Sani Matic CIP system in pharmaceutical service.