100 liter Muller, Pressure Tank Vispro

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100 liter Muller, Pressure Tank Vispro, viscous product discharge, type 40102417, all 316L stainless steel pharmaceutical grade construction with #4 polished finish on all surfaces, 1.25mm tank wall, clamp on top, rated 1.0 bar (14.5 PSI) at -10 to 90 degree C, 18″ diameter x 28″ deep with internal gasketed piston plate designed for force heavy creams or other viscous liquids out top discharge as applied air forced plate upward, skirt bottom, vessel sits on stainless steel dolly with casters, vessel labeled as type 4626808 model (fabrication number) 06190-1, 2″ top outlet with tri clamp connection, formerly used in branded cosmetic service, includes manual.