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How Cheese is Made

From its discovery around 8000 BC to the present day, human beings throughout history have enjoyed cheese.  Societies around the world have made cheese from the milk of cows, goats, camels, and even reindeer.  While the type of cheese may change, the process of...

How Do Milk Separators Work?

Many diary product producers are always thinking about how to take the next step in their business.  This can be done by diversifying product offerings.  Instead of simply selling milk and other milk products, producing cream can be a gateway into a whole new range of...

How is Soft-Serve Ice Cream Made?

As we’re nearing summer, chances are you will find yourself enjoying soft-serve in the near future.  Americans have a long-standing fondness for this dessert.  These sweet treats have a unique texture and are a great, quick dessert that will cool you down in the...

Uses for Industrial Kettles

When you hear the word kettle, you may think of the tea kettle that you leave on your stove. Commercial kettles are very similar in practice, but they are much larger to meet the needs of manufacturers and food preparers around the world. Kettles, especially open-top...

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