Mueller, Falling Film Plate Chiller model 361-IFC

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80148p- Mueller, Falling Film Plate Chiller model 361-IFC, stainless steel 6 plate chiller, for cooling free flowing food grade liquids that will become an ingredient in food product, or will come into contact with food product, potable water, fruit juices & food wash water, rinse water & chiller flume water, (6) 45” x 96” all stainless steel chill plates in 8 plate sized stainless steel cabinet (thru drizzle pans sized for 6 plates only), all food grade sanitary stainless steel construction, top distribution pan distributes water evenly over plates in laminar flow, chilled water or juice falls from chiller plates into insulated stainless steel bottom collection tank (293 gallon capacity), manufacturer tagged for up to 250 PSI working pressure & cooling any free flowing food fluid to within 2 degree F of its freeze point, hinged front access door