Douglas, Rotary Batch Washer model RBW-74

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80286p- DOUGLAS RBW-74 ROTARY BATCH WASHER, LUG WASHER, TOTE WASHER… Manufacturer recommended to wash and sanitize process transfer containers such as totes, lugs, trays, pans, and the like, typically used in the bakery, meat, poultry, candy, and food service industries. Last used in a meat processing plant for washing and sterilizing meat lugs / meat totes. This make / model machine is widely used in bakeries, supermarkets, food processing plants, commissaries, restaurants, hotels and institutional food preparation kitchens. FEATURES. ~ ”CAROUSEL” container handling change parts (including those shown in pictures) for washing 43.5 inch long by 26.5 inch wide by 11.5 inch deep totes, that look very similar in size and shape to household recycling bins; ?~ This carousel holds 3 lugs per batch. ? ?? + A carousel / tote holder for 24.5 inch long by 15.5 inch wide by 9.5 inch deep meat lugs. ???? + A general purpose carousel which will handle loose items of whatever size and shape will fit it’s 66 inch diameter by 6 inch deep dimensions. ???? + Other change parts / carousels are available for other types and sizes of totes / lugs / trays. Containers for which change parts are available include those for washing sheet pans, muffin pans, cake pans, lugs, totes, baskets, candy molds, trays, utensils, buckets, machine parts, and mixing bowls up to 140 quarts. ~ The washer is loaded and unloaded via a space saving front-side lift door. ~ Totes / lugs /trays are manually loaded face down onto a 74 inch diameter rotating stainless steel turn-table, or onto specially designed racks on the carousel, that passes them through?a series of strategically located spray nozzles for 360 degree exposure of each container to high pressure spray from a variety of angles to cut and remove stubborn soils and baked on foods. ~ Integral 125 gallon recirculating detergent wash tank. ~ Top mounted (currently removed for shipment) fresh water sanitizing rinse tank. ~ Includes optional steam exhaust fan to help clear excess steam after final rinse cycle. ~ Short, medium, or long wash sequence depending on soil conditions. ~ Each cycle is followed by a 30 second hot water, sanitizing rinse, with rinse water routed back into the wash tank for reuse and to help freshen it. ~ Filter screens collect debris, and keep the nozzles from clogging. ~ STEAM HEATED, with steam coils for both wash and rinse tank, each tagged for 125 psi working pressure. ~ 20HP water recirculation pump to power the high-velocity V-jet wash nozzles. ~ Food grade all stainless steel construction. ~ Stainless steel operator control panel, with moisture resistant gauges? measuring wash temperature, wash pressure, and rinse temperature. ~ As of this writing, this rotary lug and tote washer is in stock and in good solid condition, available for immediate shipment, as is, or can be mechanically check/serviced as needed, and also cleaned of mineral build deposits.