Bosspak, Inverted Pneumatic Bottle Washer model AJ2900

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83180-Bosspak, Inverted Pneumatic Bottle Washer model AJ2900, fully automatic, all stainless steel pharmaceutical grade construction with polished finish, containers indexed into 38” long pneumatically operated container gripping station which inverts bottle, 27 air jet cleaning stations, rail mounted with adjustable centers for varying sizes, static eliminators, cleaning station has refuse collection hopper with bottom screens & dust collection port, dual top hinged acrylic enclosures on opposing sizes of machine with safety interlocks preventing open operation, operator control panel with Siemens PLC touch sensitive panel, stop, start, job, speed potentiometer & E stop, 6? x 10? long table top chain conveyor with elevated chain bed. .37kw Baldor washdown motor with 24 to 1 gear reducer directly driving conveyor shaft, formerly used in generic pharmaceutical manufacturing, complete manual included. S/N 9128