Benhil 8382 Automatic Filling and Packaging Machine 250 gram

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This is a complete Used Butter Filling, Packing and Cartoning Line to pack 7200 portions per hour (of 250 gram). The line includes includes an Benhil 8382 Automatic Filling and Packaging Machine, Benhil 8531/170 Carton Packer, Videojet Inkjet Marking Machine, Mettler Toledo X-RAY machine and Viscon interconnecting conveyor.

Includes, Benhil 8382 Automatic Filling and Packaging Machine:

Manufacturer: Benhil Model: 8382

Function: Butter filling & wrapping

Capacity: Up to 120 pcs / minute

Product weight: 250g

Pack size: 100 x 70 x 35mm

Paper: Aluminium / parchment

Fed by hopper & augers

Country of manufacture: Germany

Benhil 8531/170 Carton Packer:

Manufacturer: Benhil

Model: 8531/170

Function: Carton packer

Capacity: 4 pcs / minute

Country of manufacture: Germany

Videojet Inkjet Marking Machine:

Manufacturer: Videojet

Model: Excel/180i/AF

Function: Inkjet marking machine

Country of manufacture: USA

Mettler Toledo X-Ray Machine:

Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Model: ADV8

Function: X-Ray machine

Country of manufacture: UK

Viscon Belt Conveyor

Manufacturer: Viscon

Model: Vilfex

Function: Belt conveyor

Country of manufacture: Holland