APV, Plate type Pasteurizer

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APV, Plate type Pasteurizer, all stainless steel contacts, skid consists of balance tank, pump & Bell & Gossett heat exchanger, balance tank 45″ long x 35″ wide x 18.5″ high, 3″ tri clamp, 2″ tri clamp & (2) 1.5″ tri clamp inlets on top, 2″ & 3″ tri clampdischarge at side & 4″ tri clamp discharge at bottom, 32-3/4″ long x 22.5″ wide top manway with hinged lid (6″ diameter hole on cover), heat exchanger 150 PSI at 375 degree F MAWP & -20 degree F at 150 PSI MDMT for shell side (S/N 140639-01, SEE INV


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