750 liter Aeromatic, Fluid Bed Dryer model T7

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79001p- 750 liter Aeromatic, Fluid Bed Dryer model T7, 28 cubic foot, 316 & 304 stainless steel construction, air volume 6360 CFM, volume of filter section 141 ft?, volume of product container 28 ft? (600 liter), base area of product container 12 ft?, relief area 5.9 ft?, air temperature 14 degree F (in), 230 degree F (out), heating capacity 1,428,335 BTU/hour, steam heated 58 PSIG, pressure shock resistance 2.0 bar, fully integrated color graphical control, 2 roll out bowl, power bowl lift, explosion relief flap, pneumatic air damper flap, pneumatic stainless steel safety clamps, auto/manual shake, test spray, solution addition pressure pot, scale, 40 HP 230/460 volt 4 phase 60 hertz, centrifugal blower fan, explosion proof motor, radiator & pre-filter