7 cubic foot Aaron Process Equipment, Ribbon Blender

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81099p- 7 cubic foot Aaron Process Equipment, Ribbon Blender, all stainless steel construction with polished food grade finish, mixing chamber 24” wide x 36” long x 27” deep, all internal welds ground & polished to food grade standards, air purged shaft seals by Meco, removable double ribbon agitator via bolt in stub shafts on both ends of main shaft, 6” center bottom discharge with air operated swing valve, full removable dump grate with safety interlock station, hinged 1 piece cover, 5 HP Baldor motor belt driving Dodge on shaft gear reducer, 2 piece stainless steel belt guard with hinged bottom, flanged bolt on discharge hopper to 12” round outlet with discharge safety grate, OAD 7” long x 36” wide, motor UL rated for hazardous locations under Class I, Group C & D, Class I Zone I, Group 11B & 11A, 230/460/190/380 volt (3 HP), 1750/1450 RPM, 50/60 hertz, formerly used in food manufacturing