50 cubic foot Gemco, Rotary Double Cone Vacuum Dryer

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81111p- 50 cubic foot Gemco, Rotary Double Cone Vacuum Dryer, T316 stainless steel shell, rated 80 pound/cubic foot maximum material density, shell fabricated by Expert Industries (S/N 4478), National Board rated (#309) for full vacuum, shell fully jacketed in SA 36 material & rated 15 PSI at 200 degree F service, hydro tested to 45 PSI, 8” manually operated Gemco spherical valve with Teflon seating, 18” diameter charging port with hinged cover, braided Teflon gasket & 4 hand screw down closure clamps, pneumatically operated shell disk type break, shell belt driven by Reliance 1.5 HP motor, 208-230/460 phase voltage at 1725 RPM, UL rated for hazardous locations under Class I, Group C & D, Class II, Group F & G, operator control station, mounts on independent stands for discharge height of 38”, valve discharge has clamp ring mounted cover for vacuum retention, 4” diameter post with vibrator mounting plate directly welded to shell thru jacket opening for discharge assist, formerly used in food ingredient drying with hot water circulated jacket at 160 degree F drying temperature S/N VD-80311