1,000 gallon Walker, model P7-CB-PV processor

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1,000 gallon Walker, model P7-CB-PV, 304 stainless steel, steam jacketed, processor kettle with a dome top and a conical bottom on 4 legs. Rated for 10 PSI @ 250 degree F. Jacket rated for 15 PSI at 250 F., 80″ inside diameter with 39.75″ straight side and a 24″ deep cone. Kettle has internal coil 24″ tall rated for 100 PSI at 100 degrees F. Kettle has a 3 HP top mounted agitator with two sets of blades. 230/460 vac 3 phase electric power required. Motor is TEFC rated for Severe Duty. Two top suspended adjustable baffles inside kettle. The top has an 18″ hinged manway with a lid with 4″ sight glass in lid without sight glass or bezel, one 4″ sight glass, two-3″ nozzles, 5-2″ nozzles and one 2″ sight glass. The side has 2 each 3″ NPT jacket connections, one 2″ NPT jacket connection, and two 2″ thermowell connections, and one 1″ NPT jacket connection. The bottom has a 4″ center sanitary discharge, two thermowells and two 2″ NTP jacket connections. Coil connections two 1-1/2″ RFSO flanges.