1,000 gallon Refrigerated Tank

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1,000 gallon Jacketed Mixing Tank, sanitary stainless steel, dome top with 18″ manway, hinged dome cover with clamping ring closure, tubular bridge for agitator motor (not included), 8 top inlets in varying sizes (1″-2″) with tri clamp & Acme threaded bevel seat connections, 72″ diameter x 60″ straight side, flat sloped bottom to 2″ discharge with tri clamp connection, 11″ floor clearance, secondary bottom side discharge slightly higher on slope with 2″ tri clamp connection, 15″ floor clearance, bottom sweep agitator & adjustable baffle mounted thru tank dome top, only bottom of tank is dimple jacketed with inlet & outlet, bottom frame interconnecting legs protects jacket which has stainless steel shroud, 4 threaded legs for leveling adjustments, formerly used in food ingredient manufacturing